Practical Concepts For Clear-cut Methods For Evening Gowns

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"I just couldn't help but think she worked so many months. You can be training years for a marathon," Luterman said in an interview after the race. "As soon as we got to the finish line, I pushed her out in front of me so she could cross the tape before I did." A post shared by BMW Dallas Marathon (@bmwdallasmarathon) on Self ended the race grasping for the finish line and was immediately taken by marathon staff for treatment. Self was treated and came back moments later to give post-race interviews.  Self recalled Luterman telling her, "You can do it. You got it, come on girl. The finish line's right there we can see it." "She was so encouraging," Self said. "I knew she was right, and I wanted it so bad and this was just a dream for me."  Greenhill School runner Ariana Luterman explains how she helped Chandler Self reach #BMWDallasMarathon finish line. — Tommy Cummings (@tommycummings) December 10, 2017 When asked about the heroic finish, Luterman said she's sure Self would've made it across without her. Still, she said she felt lucky that she was placed in the right place at the right time. “More than anything, I think I showed people there are opportunities everywhere. There are opportunities to help everyone everywhere," Luterman said.  Instant Analysis: Cowboys Beat the Giants Helping others has been a driving force in Luterman's life for several years.  After competing in her first triathlon at age seven and her first adult triathlon at age 10, Luterman found a way to use her platform as a young elite athlete to benefit others.  Stargazing: Road Trip Begins in New York for the Stars At just 12, she started Team Ariana to raise money for Vogel Alcove.

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