Some New Ideas On No-fuss Programs For Evening Gowns

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The Daily Telegraph reported that in an email the MP suggested Mr Farage should settle instead for an OBE for "services to headline writers". Media captionMP Douglas Carswell 'undermining' UKIP says Farage On Monday, the MP, who has denied trying to block a knighthood for Mr Farage, alluded to the row when he tweeted "knight night". Following UKIP leader Paul Nuttall's failure to win the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election last week, Mr Banks has said the party is at a "crossroads" and has offered to become party chairman in order to bring about a "total rebrand". He has said Mr Farage, who stepped down last year and has since spent much of his time in the United States, should be "re-engaged". Mr Banks has described Mr Carswell, whose relationship with Mr Farage is also strained, as a "terrible individual who has done his best to destroy UKIP". Mr Banks' office said he intended to stand in Clacton, the Essex seat which Mr Carswell won with a 3,437 majority in 2015. It is not clear whether he will seek the UKIP nomination himself or will stand as an independent. Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Arron Banks (right) is a close ally of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage Mr Farage has claimed the party's only MP has been "totally disconnected" from UKIP since February 2015 and it was time for him to sever his links entirely. "From the date of the result of the general election, he has actively been working against UKIP," Mr Farage wrote about Mr Carswell in the Daily Telegraph.

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